I Am Here For The Animals!

My Inner Activist needs an outlet sometimes (read: often!)

In me lives an Animal Activist. A Peace-Activist, but an Activist non the less! …and I need to be able to Speak my Truth!

There is so much horrible stuff going on in the world, when it comes to how animals are treated by humans. My animal-loving Heart breaks everytime I see an animal being abused or mistreated.

I cannot cope with this! At all!! I cannot accept this! At all!

But what good am I in fixing any of this, if I’m piled up in fetous position in the corner of my room, distancing myself from the world, because I cannot cope with what’s out there? What good am I to any animal in need, if I cannot function, because the imput from their world, is too overwhelming for me? No good at all! So, I need to have an outlet for my frustrations and I need this outlet to be of the kind of vibration, that has a positive effect on my nervous- and energy system (so I don’t end up in a puddle in the corner of my bedroom, hissing at the world!)

So I am on a mission!

To Share The Spiritual Voice of The Animals, Globally!

Little Guy in the Snow Angel is Sat Nam. He goes with me on my travels into the world, speaking our truth for the animals. Here we are on a glacier in Iceland (Look, Sat Nam made a snow angel! 🙂 )

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