Charity Work – My Favorite Treatments!

Charity Work
My Favorite Treatments!

one of the best things I know, is to work directly with the animals and help them feel better!

I have supported The Odsherred Zoo Rescue for 10+ years and one of my ongoing clients – and my buddy, my BFF, my Pal, is BORIS.

Boris is a Red Vari Lemur, with a cronic back condition. He was rescued from an Italian Circus, that went bancrupt.
Now he is living in Odsherred Zoo Rescue in Denmark, enjoying a well-pampered life, with all the best treatments and care. to keep him happy and living his best life!

This Rescue Center is such a special place! 

..And they are part of The Animalhealer Academy Rescue Program, supporting more than 700 rescue animals (Read more here …)

He has a very special place in my heart! ♥


Look at this face

As part of a Live Streaming event for the Play Rescue channel on I participated and we filmed Boris getting one of his treatments from me.

In the video below, I give Boris Cranio-Sacral Therapy and talk a bit about his story

The video below is very ‘live-streaming un-polished’ :o) – I love that!
It really just shows how things are with animals – you cannot ‘script or direct’ them into doing something they don’t want to!

Enjoy the video, it’s fun & sweet
and shows how much Boris enjoy his treatment!

… and btw….you try and give CST-treatments with a pack of Ringtail Lemurs trying to snatch raisins from you! :o)))

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