Supporting for more than 10 years!

Nyt Hesteliv (‘New Horselife’)

For more than a decade, we have been supporting Nyt Hesteliv (‘New Horselife’)  Nyt Hesteliv is an Animal Wellfare Organisation with its own Rescue Center for horses here in Denmark. The center is home for nearly 100 horses and donkeys. Nyt Hesteliv gives horses in need a forever home. Some of these horses come from the most terrible conditions and truly have a history of horror behind them – but what fascinates me is, how resilient and connected they are to their true nature and given the right circumstances and lots of proper care and Love; they bounce back! They show us, how meaningfull this work is!
The picture is of Eddie. We’ve supported Eddie for over 10 years, with a monthly donation. Eddie has now been adopted to live the rest of his life in a loving home with his own family. It matters!!
..and here’s Asmus. I met Asmus at a visit, giving healing, together with one of my students. And as it happens with girls and horses, I fell in love with Asmus! (I meen, how can you not, look at those eyes!) So now he’s on our sponsorlist too … :o)
Our lastest addition to our Sponsor List, is Athena.

I have such a soft spot for Donkeys. Their personality is adorable and friendly. And this lovely lady is all that, so she ended up on our sponsor list – how lucky are we!

Every month, we support ‘our adoptees’ at ‘New Horselife’ with financial support.

It just gives a really good feeling, deep down in the bottom of the stomack and in the Heart, to be able to support these horses & donkeys and the dedicated staff and owners of the Rescue Center, who work so hard to take care of the horses & donkeys daily needs.

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