Why Rescue Animals and Animalhealing

Meet my dear friend, Boris!

Boris is a Red Vari Lemur. He lives at Odsherred Zoo Rescue,
Denmarks first and largest rescue center for exotic animals.

Boris has been my dear dear friend for more than 10 years!

So how did that happen, that
I’m now BFF with one of the most endagered species on Planet Earth?

Well, there’s another story to all of this, because Boris is a Rescue Animal, he came from a circus somewhere in Europe that went broke and long story short, ended up in a Rescue Zoo in Denmark and that’s where I met him!

He has some back issues and I give him Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CS), as I’m trained to do this therapy method for Animals – and they LOVE CST. This treatment form is sooo beneficial to a traumatised nervous system, it calms and aligns the body.

When I give him his treatment, he sort of just attaches his body to my hands, as he knows this treatment and he loves to receive this treatment, he knows that it is doing him good.

Back to the Rescue-part of this story, as this is the answer to the initial question:
Why Rescue Animals and Animalhealing?

So many animals in our world is in need of help!

They are mistreated and exploited in the Human society, we use animals for our pleasure and the world of Illegal Trafficking of endagered species, is ruthless and cruel towards the animals. So when an animal is rescued and arrives at a rescue center or facility, they need proper treatment, nutricious food and lots of Tender Loving Care.

They need bucket loads of TLC, because Animals have emotions and feelings too and they hurt mentally as well as physically, when mistreated.

And Animalhealing can really soothe their troubles!

…more (much much more!!!) to come on, this topic


For now, just enjoy looking into the eyes of Boris and I hope you see, what I see, everytime I meet him.

Rescuing Animals Matter!!!

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