Press & Media - and why this is important for the Animals??

Sharing The Spiritual Voice of The Animals, Globally!

The Animals needs us to speak for them, on many levels and with many voices!

My mission is, To Share The Spiritual Voice of The Animals, Globally!
I am in service to The Animals in my work and I advocate to spread the message, that The Animals in our world are suffering, we need to treat them properly.
Their presence on this planet is crucial and the importance of keeping them safe is on all of us!
What we can learn from them and how they can add value to the spiritual growth of humanity, is beyond what we can even imagine. Or maybe we can imagine, if we listen closely to the message of The Animals, they posess a wisdom beyon our comprehension. Press & Media is an extremely important part of sharing The Spiritual Voice of The Animals, in order to spread the word!

…it is so helpfull, when The Press assist me to voice my message!
I really appreciate every opportunity to ‘get the word out there!’

There has been various activities on my part, around Press & Media, throughout the 20+ years I have done this work. I have featured in various magazines and newpapers, I have linked to these below (Sorry, in Danish 🙂 ) I have also featured on National Danish TV Evening Show in 2008, a nationwide and very popular TV-show here in Denmark and on National Danish Morning Radio in 2019. I have participated in a variety of local TV-station programs about Rescue Animals. Every one of these programs, magazines, shows etc. is helping to spread the message about, how important The Animals are to our world and that we need to take better care of them!

Together, On-line!

Online media is a really effective way of spreading the message to help the animals. When ‘Lightworkers & Online Entrepreneurs’ come together, supporting eachothers ‘online presence’ it creates an major energetic ‘boost’ – as coming together, 2 persons or more, creates an energetic container for magical energy to unfold. I love to participate in these kinds of group gatherings online! We are stronger together!

See examples below on some of these activities.

Online Summits & Groups

I’m a Healing Energy Nerd! …there, I said it – and I meen it! I trust deeply in the Laws of The Universe. so when coming together in a gathering – physical or online,  The Group Energy is powerfull & transformational! I have featured in Online Summits and I love this opportunity to be part of the mission of a group coming togethe, to change and lift the energy for all to benefit from!


Web tv & radio

Most of my own healing field work takes place at Odsherred Zoo Rescue, Denmarks first and largest rescue center for exotic animals. I’ve been giving treatments to these rescue animals for more than 10 years and my work here with these animals is very dear to my heart.
On Play Rescue tv på, we have talked about how these treatments benefit Rescue Animals

Magic and Miracles book

he book ‘Magic and Miracles’ was published in december 2018.
The book contains 21 authors stories about magical events in their lives.
This book is a ‘group-energy project’, so much more that ‘just a book!’

My contribution to this beautifull energy project, is the chapter:
‘We Bought A Farm, But We’re Not Farmers!’
(yes, we actually did that, hubby and I! How crazy is that! Two it-nerds bying a farm! Read more on As part of the launch, Dr. Andrea Pennington, from MakeYourMarkGlobal iinterviewed all the authors of the book. In mine, we talk about Animals (obsiously ;), Animal Healing, Manifestations i our life and many other exciting spiritual topics.


Det Gode Børneliv - Room for Reflection (only in danish)

Børn og dyr er egentlig temmelig ens på mange punkter. De rummer en ægthed og autencitet der, i uspolerede form, viser os noget at den direkte forbundethed, som vi har til 'Universet inden'. Her er jeg gæst i 'Det Gode Børneliv', hos Gitte Winter Gravgaard fra Room for Reflection, sammen med Joan Thygesen, Direktør for Odsherred Zoo Rescue. Joan fortæller om Odsherred Zoo Rescue, hvordan det hele startede med Rescue Dyr og om hvordan det er at drive Danmarks første Rescue center for eksotiske dyr. Vi taler dyr, healing & energi og om, hvordan vi kan opnå en tættere kontakt til dyrene og lære børn at forbinde sig til dyrenes sjæl. Hør episode 4 i 'Det Gode Børneliv' her.


Talking to Golden Arrow (2015)

'Talking to Golden Arrow' is a beautifull movie, by Miriam Thiel-Alberts. The movie is about Miriams meeting with the horse Golden Arrow and how this meeting has impacted Miriams life. I have contributed to the movie and parts of it is shot here at our farm in Denmark. The movies has been screened at Equus Film Festival 2015 in New York and in Equinale 2016 & Equinale 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Danish articles ...

I have featured in nationwide Danish magasines over the years, sharing about my journey with the animals.

(My appologies to english-speaking guests of this site, these articles are only in Danish 🙂  )

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