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Sharing The Spiritual Voice of The Animals

Lectures on Animals and their Energy

Talks & Lectures about Animalhealing & Communication work, Consciousness & Awareness work.

Animalhealing & Communication

I have worked with rescue animals of all kinds:
Monkeys, lemurs, parrots, reptiles, cats, dogs, horses and even an elephant!
(and many more species of wonderfull animals …)

Some animals been really highly traumatised and healing has done wonders for them!
Each one have their own story to tell, what has happened to them and how that has affeceted them. Throught healing and communication we can help them tell that story.
Each of them have told their hearfelt and touching stories to me,
and now I get to share these stories with you, on The Animals behalf.

I have a personal history of physical and mental trauma and I have put my own experiences in healing these areas of my life into use in my healing work for the animals.
I share some of my experiences and heartfelt moments from doing Healingwork and Communication in some of the largest Rescue Centers in Denmark.

I trust that in creating a healing space between Animals and Humans, creating Awareness of our joined Spiritual Journey on this Mother Earth, we can raise the vibration of Humanity, by gaining access to the Wisdom of The Animals

I therefore also touch upon the Spiritual Insights we humans can learn from working with The Animal Kingdom and what benefits it has for us humans in our spiritual growth and development, to co-create with The Animals.



These stories will open your heart and soul

Magical kingdom of The Animals.​​

You will be given insights into, how healing animals can highten the vibrations of our planet, to the mutual spiritual growth of both animals and humans. I will take you ‘behind the scenes’ of working with Rescue Animals and animals who have been through traumatising situations.

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